With every new pre-release, updates will be documented allowing you to thoroughly test your Kubuntu 7. There are also some issues with Kmail which I haven’t debugged yet, so in general Kubuntu Gutsy seems to be beta quality at best security updates, initial language selection and basic tasks related to administration getting rights from user for it just have to work. Then I tried to set kdm to autologin the person for whom I was installing the Kubuntu for, but couldn’t because of bug regression from a bug closed in You will especially find a Kubuntu KDM theme that may be use with other stuff wallpaper, splashscreen, etc. May 5th, 2.

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Although I first intended to mvidia a clean install, I finally chose to make a classical version upgrade: After a reboot to ensure the Nouveau driver was still behaving normally, I reinstalled the nvidia driver with a simple: Konqueror and Flash Konqueror and Flash Adobe, flashplugin-nonfree are working once again.

This removes unused packages. Some modules may not be useful anymore, they may be remains of previous versions prior upgrades.

[SOLVED] – nvidia driver leads to a low resolution desktop (hsync out of range)

Any improvement or alternate method is more than welcome My current fix was found thanks to this article: Usually works fine with K3B and other programs it relies on. KDE automatically started it for me because I had it running when I logged out.


Well, we are happy to say that the goals for the Kubuntu kubkntu for 7.

A workaround is to use KDE hotkey manager to handle those keys user-wide setting. This neweest driver has fixed the issues I mentioned above confirmed after a few weeks testing. Fortunately, you can find a computer bag for laptops up to 20″. This is not true anymore, Gtsy recently switched to bit with the latest 8. Tribe 4, the fourth in a series of milestone CD images that will be released throughout the Gutsy development cycle, represent the very latest snapshots of Gutsy.


To get rid of all annoying things, I switched back to nv drivers, which do not provide 3D. Be aware that very strict filtering rules are applied. Dolphin is a very nvisia piece of software.

ACER WKMi is a full-featured, multimedia laptop, that’s actually more a desktop computer you can occasionally carry from one place to another, rather than a real, nomad laptop. Though they are very negative, I think that Gusty is an overall good release.

Installing this “thing” instead of excellent plain old good Konqueror was a major mistake. You gutzy have to trigger the upgrade.

KubuntuDocs/Gutsy/SpecTbhDocs – Ubuntu Wiki

It can operate about 1. Now let’s install the packages we will need.


To do this execute the following command from the command prompt:. Other stuff Latest Ubuntu release: The time now is Not nvidla you will get a black screen, but the full laptop will hung no way to get to the tty’s.

I no longer encounter this bug, my webcam is now functional.

Please remember that I’m no artist. It was quite late in the night so I went to bed and didn’t take time to check if everything was functional, but I don’t think there should be much troubles. Monitor Take care of your flat screen: Wikipedia links GPL license. With every new pre-release, updates will be documented allowing you to thoroughly test your Kubuntu 7. After that installs you need to test if it worked by opening another shell and typing the following:.

KPDF now shows tooltips for links when hovering on them and displays more complex PDF files correctly Kopete, the KDE instant messenger, received various bug fixes For a more robust breakdown of all of these changes, please read http: