The weird thing is that the glitch at MHz appeared to be software related somehow: Hy guys, small update from me: Scan and show both work fine: Very good description of this device, thanks a lot. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Sorry to hear about the openhantek forum… You should take it as a best effort thing! I get a graphical display, the two channels and math functions working well.

I also tried to comment out the trigger point conversion but you can image what the result is. This linhx is just gettting interesting: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Fso-2090 Oliver Haag saw what it was is pretty amazing. I have got DSO But maybe he was duplicating what is possibly a bogus method to begin with. A single channel rate of mss sounds very attractive. CH1 CH2 Supported driver options: The analog multiplexer is controlled by the CPLD, and there seems to be a couple of clamping diodes D1, the other is bottom mounted into both signal paths from the frontend to the multiplexer.


Oh good stuff… I remember playing with the bwlimit thingy, the code was there but not mapped to any control… it was quite useful, especially on the trigger channel. This might be an acceptable way to have the modded scope supported by mainline sigrok. You may put it on pastebin and just link it in the comment but there is definitely something going on there. The next step would be to move over to the sigrok code base and write up some simple tests. Hantek also sells a MSPS model, which spots two oscillators: Very good description of this device, thanks a do-2090.

This is the signal I see: If you are using my repo there is a clock hack on it, just revert the last commit git revert HEAD and rebuild. In other words, vertical measure is fine, horizontal is not.


I doubt that many were sold so finding used units would be hard. Me, but somewhere else GitHub LinkedIn. If anyone are interested in testing or contributing, please tell. I am pretty sure that many times, times is short….


OpenHantek installed on Linux. Finally achieved to compile and launch, then extracted the. WordPress garbled the last comment toward the end. I’m asking because I ll use it to work on amateur radio projects.

Inside a Hantek DSO USB Oscilloscope | fabiobaltieri

I think the inputs have relays on them and it seems this is normal. The display software sets the hardware up with a trigger level, a buffer size and a trigger position.

A trigger event occurs and two things happen. Still udev or what else should recognize the DSO not working. I tried to load some generic firmware with cypress USB console and it loaded it with no problem so I guess usb controller chip is ok. DSO is short circuit. This might bring clarity…. After resoldering them everything works. That would be nice.